About Drew

Drew Kapner

About Drew

Drew Kapner is an American Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum engineer, producer and writer with decades of experience in the music and audio industries. He has worked with some of the most reputable artists and companies, and is the owner of his own recording facility, Angelhouse Studios.

A native of Los Angeles, Drew grew up in a house filled with a love for music. At age 9, piano became the gateway to his life path. It would later include joining a nationally touring band, film and television appearances, albums and a Grammy nomination all before he was 20.

After studying music at University of the Pacific, Drew had the good fortune to be mentored by Fredric Myrow, an incredibly accomplished and renowned composer. Myrow would teach the intricacies and dynamics of writing, while also fostering an opportunity to learn how to engineer various recording situations. It was an overwhelmingly creative, fertile place and time, filled with a true love of music. Hours upon hours were spent at the coffee table or the piano, dissecting the music they loved with the ambition to learn something from it. “Inspiring could not begin to describe the feeling of being around a master like Fred. He would sit at the piano, take requests of anything you could think of, and then start playing it in any style, by any composer, in any genre you could blurt out.”

Soon after his mentorship Drew began working as a composer. Mostly ghost writing for other successful composers, he eventually began to receive credits of personal merit. On his own time, Drew began making records and started to build an equipment collection that would later become Angelhouse Studios. The opportunity and necessity to play multiple roles in the music making process became apparent. Having worked as a session musician, writer, arranger, producer and engineer in so many different scenarios equipped Drew with the skills to accommodate any project. This would undoubtedly be the reason for Drew’s ability to wear so many hats, or whichever specific one you want him to, all without compromise or ego.

Drew has worked with numerous renowned artists, including Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Ciara, Twenty-One-Pilots, Logic and BJ the Chicago Kid. He has also worked on major media campaigns for Budweiser, Ford, and Coca-Cola. Drew is currently working with Indie Label 4th Door Records as head of A&R and Creative, as well as continuing to work with both signed and unsigned artists.